Will u Med with Me?

Laura House, comic & meditation teacher, explores & goes all up in life topics. Her obsession: happiness.
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May 5, 2017

"Will U Med with Me" is a podcast where I, Laura House, teach comedians how to meditate. Here I teach Virginia Jones, a comedian with 4 other jobs & tons of stress. 

Apr 11, 2017

Hilarious writer Brendan Smith (My Boys) explains life, falls in love with my dog and we meditate. 

Mar 7, 2017

I teach comedian, writer, Jewish, lesbian with a lazy eye to meditate and she seems to enjoy it. Her book "How to be Depressed" is great and out now. But first, med with us!

Mar 1, 2017

Comedian Graham Elwood of Comedy Film Nerds, LA Podfest & the film "Ear Buds," plays with swords to relax --what? Yes. But I get this intense hippy to relax for a minute or two & we laugh & laugh. Come meditate with us! 

Feb 14, 2017
#26 Will U Med with Me & The Girls?

Comedian Laura House gets comedian Melinda Hill, producer Ann Slicter and writer Robin Reiser to share their stresses. They include kids and coats, rose bush attacks and stupid work. Come med with us.

Feb 7, 2017
#25 Will U Med with Me & Annabelle Gurwitch?

Best-selling author Annabelle Gurwitch ("Wherever you Go, There They Are," "You Say Tomato, I say Shut-up," "Fired") talks with comedian Laura House about all the life stress & we try some meditation. She thinks of it as "mind sorbet." Bon appetit! 

Feb 1, 2017
#24 Will U Med with Me?

Learn to meditate with comedian Laura House as she teaches comics to meditate. Today, Laura flies solo with a quick meditation for you & a reminder that everything is always changing - falling apart and coming back together. And it's okay.

Jan 16, 2017
#23 Wil U Med with me & Wil Anderson?

The brilliant Aussie comic Wil Anderson & I discuss relaxing, consciousness, David Lynch & pool cleaning. Wil crafts an impromtu love letter to genius comic Laurie Kilmartin. I make Wil do the one hippy thing he hasn't tried yet: MEDITATION. Wil it change his life? Find out! 

Dec 31, 2016
#22 Will U Med with Me?

Happy almost new year! If all you see is the stress in your life, life is gonna feel real stressful. Here, I say something like that AND you can med with me...if you will. Meditate, relax. You deserve it.

Dec 6, 2016
#21 Will U Med with Me?

You are not your thoughts. It's kinda profound when you realize that there's like a 'mean girl' voice in your head and it's not you. You're kind of a big, cool thing in the corner. Oh, also we relax and stuff. Med with me!

Nov 24, 2016
#20 Will U Med with Me & Laurie Kilmartin?

Laurie Kilmartin doesn't have 5 minutes to relax. She's a national headlining comedian, writer for Conan, mom & half of The Jackie & Laurie Show podcast. BUSY. Come meditate with us and catch a few moments of calm right before I take her to the airport.


Nov 3, 2016
#19 Will U Med with Me Fast & Furiously?

No time for meditation? I get it, I've been super busy, too. Here we get in a quick meditation together, proving that it doesn't take long to relax & feel better. Come, med with me, won't you?

Oct 17, 2016
#18 Will U Med with Me?

Today you can meditate with me, comedian Laura House. You can even be in a bad mood, like "Eff u, this won't even work!" and "Universe, hold my calls!" Meditation works anyway. Try it...

Oct 10, 2016
#17 Will U Med with me and Steve Benaquist?

Comedian Steve Benaquist has been meditating for a while. He joins me for a little refresher and to chat about it. We have a good time, it's fun and wise and stuff. Come med with us!

Oct 6, 2016
#16 Will U Med with Virginia Jones?

Comedian Virgina Jones talks about stress in comedy life and I get her to meditate and she eats some healthy snacks. Great way to spend an afternoon. Join us!!

Oct 3, 2016
#15 Will U Med with Me?

Integration. It's what happens when you keep meditating, and it's what all the fuss is about. Enjoy this quick talk and meditation session with me. Head's up: It's early and I yawn. 

Sep 30, 2016
#14 Will U Med w Me & Merrill Barr (Pt III)

Writer Merrill Barr had never tried meditation before I taught him. He liked it. He checked back 6 weeks later with a report that life was dealing blows, yet he found himself maintaining chill. Now he's back with the trilogy conclusion - an even better report. Don't miss it!

Sep 27, 2016
#13 Will U Med with Auggie Smith?

Auggie Smith is a nationally touring headlining comedian, a husband, father of 2, and yet he has never tried meditation. I teach him this easy, chill method of relaxation. Ima bout to blow his mind!  

Sep 15, 2016
#12 Will U Med with Me?

In this short podcast, Comedian Laura House will teach you meditation & do it with you. Relaxation is SO easy! She explains the Aaaahh of meditation and how it's like a tiny Spring Break for the mind.

Sep 7, 2016
#11 Will U Med with Me and Comic Jerry Rocha?

Today I get the hilarious potty-mouth comedian, Jerry Rocha, to meditate with me! You might have seen him perform on "Conan," but even if you didn't he was definitely on it. I didn't tell him what the podcast was about, but he rolled with it even though he had a NIGHTMARE EXPERIENCE once with meditation. Sorta. Come med with us!

Aug 29, 2016
#10 Will u Med with Me?

Come med with comedian/writer Laura House. It's easy & she'll show you how. 

Aug 8, 2016
#9 Will u Med with Kay Hanley?

Laura teaches rock star Kay Hanley from Letters to Cleo to meditate for the very first time and she seems to like it! She finds it relaxing and easy. 

Jul 31, 2016
#8 Will you Med with Me?

Comedian Laura House gives you a little, teeny-tiny meditation that you can do with her. Go ahead, relax. You deserve it and it's easy. 

Jul 25, 2016
#7 Will u Med with Merrill Barr again?

Merrill Barr writes about TV, comedy & culture and NOW he's been meditating regularly for 6 weeks - Is he better? Worse? Chattier? You decide! Then, will u med with us? 

Jul 11, 2016
#6 Will u Med with Hilary Kline?

WARNING! Comedian Laura House teaches long-time bestie Hilary to meditate in a parking lot where they get interrupted by a giant truck. That's just a real-life meditation & oddly, still successful! Proceed with caution. 

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